LandBasics work - 2014/15: Map of Israel showing extent of student projects.

The thesis studio and course are dedicated to addressing fundamental issues in the Israeli landscape space. Each project started off by identifying and mapping a challenge that is then investigated through landscape tools. Thus, projects are diverse in scale, scope and issues that they raise. They share methodologies and a responsibility for the politics and ecologies of the contemporary and specific situations in which we live. For example, a new strategy for a civilian landscape in the militarised Golan Heights, and a water infrastructure vision for the

Dead Sea.

LandBasics  _  fundamental issues in the Israeli landscape spaces  _  thesis project, landscape architecture, Technion, Haifa  _  Matanya Sack with Shahar Zur and Arch. Yael Dori, Dr. Tamar Berger, and Landscape Architect Barbara Aronson. Head of Department: Prof. Nurit Lissovsky.    _  More coming soon