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a musical landscape

In a series of events, the electricity generated by the wind turbines and photovoltaics operated a group of wireless robotic Darbuka drums, mounted on the columns on both sides of the path. Visitors participated in the design of the musical landscape through an intuitive interface built on an iPad. A unique axial, spatial musical experience was created, which combined traditional and digital, Eastern and Western art forms.

“Green to Blue” introduced a combination of ecology, nature and technology, with music, spectacle and public participation. It thus followed historical examples of gardens of the Renaissance and Baroque (such as the water organ in Villa d’Este) to create a special sensory experience and a pleasant place.

a musical landscape  _  team: Sack and Reicher, Musicology and acoustics: Asaf Talmudi, Robotics: Liat Segal, Jonathan Rubin  _  Bat Yam, Israel  _  2010  _  Client: Bat Yam municipality  _  Area: 360 m²  _  Budget: $4000