a street production

a walk

working in the existing middle

an urban retro-fitting

an unseen composition

perchance for a reflection

a perspective

on the mediterranean, a garden

a productive street section

a path to the water


A structural system of ecological technologies is integrated in an existing urban fabric, opening a new public path, which connects the city with the coast. Special marine wind turbines and flexible thin-film photovoltaics generate electricity for public use, via 220V outlets on each column. Coastal planting and white painted paving create a pleasant microclimate by shading, evapotranspiration, and exploiting the albedo effect.

Green to Blue  _  Bat Yam, Israel  _  2010  _  Client: Bat Yam municipality  _  Area: 360 m²  _  Budget: $45,000     _  Team: Sack and Reicher,  Interdan Renewable Energy, AACI electricity, Paturiz Fabrics