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a gathering

music,  time

shelters are composed as stations on a path.  like the shadow of the argo, it is an incidental composition, an episode in an ongoing journey. a linear structure of renewable energy technologies operate robotic darbuka drums, played by the public via an ipad interface. it is a performative stage for relationships between people, and between people and the changing landscape inhabited or viewed.
sr13-salmon de caus 1.jpg

Salmon de Caux, Les Raisons des Forces Mouvantes -Technology of landscape, myth and spectacle.


reference :  technology

An orchestra of wireless robotic darbuka drums is mounted along both sides of the linear path to the sea. They are accompanied by flexible photovoltaics and special marine wind turbines, which provide it with renewable energy. Members of the public were able to play the drums via an intuitive iPad interface, composing a musical landscape. Children were naturally the first to understand and play the axial spatial instrument, explaining it to their parents. It is a landscape as an interaction which represents also the performative aspects of the infrastructure which powers it.

A Musical Landscape

Linear orchestra of wireless robotic darbuka drums  _  Bat Yam  _  2010  _  client: Bat Yam municipality  _  with Assaf Talmudi, Jonathan Rubin, Liat Segal.

a musical landscape

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