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the land evolves from a regional agriculture to a regional urbanism :  the regional city engulfs the village and its fields. It emerges out of national development patterns, begining with the nationally-planned distribution of the villages themselves, which then evolve into urban entities.

state plan


What are the roles and possibilities of national planning today? In our current political-economic climate of 'late capitalism', most of the development is privatised and subject to market forces. At the same time, open and natural land must be preserved, and public infrastructure directed efficiently. The analytic infographics for National Plan 35 represent the logic behind these responsibilities, building parametric spectrums and scenarios of development, conservation, and commuting. 

image: relative degrees of development and conservation.

Analysis and representation for TAMA 35 – National Outline Plan  _  Israel  _  2006  _  Client: Ministry of Interior  _  With: Rebecca Sternberg – MEGAMA

a state plan

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