an agricultural rite on the mountain,

at the edge of land

The restoration of kibbutz Malqiya mill began with the planting of a new orchard of local trees, such as fig and carob specimens. Planted by the kibbutz members as part of the traditional Tu Bishvat holiday, it is one of the few remaining rites of a persisting socialist, agrarian community, denoting its relation to the land. It is an act on the historic edge of the land: in the background of the photo above, Mount Hermon, on the border with Syria; behind  - Mount a-Dir, a UN base in Lebanon.


The Mill on the Mountain

Restoration of Malkiya Mill  _  Kibbutz Malkiya _ 4.6 dunams _ 2015-Ongoing _  Client: Kibbutz Malkiya, Galil Elion Regional Council, The Quarries Rehabilitation Fund.

the mill on the mountain