south garden

elements of the compostions


a locus amoenus, a microclimate







How can we provide a place without a programme? An activity without land-use?
We aim to encourage open, imaginative activities, rather than prescribing them as rigid programmes. 
The design is thus based on earthworks and planting, providing a locally sensitive microclimate at the edge of the desert.

Shade covers, and 'ground circles' are laid-out in a ring. 
The garden acts as an encampment, highlighting the changing seasons, blossoming and exfolitaion, growth and decay, colours and patterns. Slow-growing trees are carefully integrated, accentuating a longer-term timescale, and a deeper engagement with the evolving place.

on the edge of the desert, it is reminiscent of the landscapes of the surrounding Kibbutzim.

The gentle, undulating hills encompass and define the space.
The urban garden as 'locus amoenus' or 'open shelter' is based on the experience of an acknowledged man-made nature.

south garden

Be’er Sheva  _  11 dunams  _  2014-2018 _  client: Be’er Sheva municipality