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regional landscape into the city - continuity from the valley to the sea.

the rise and fall of the water on the land :  ecosystem by optimisation
to come out into the land, to design a new relationship with the land, by applying structural, parametric, performative techniques :  a 4000 hectare masterplan, on israel's largest industrial contaminated site,  is based on water, between the river and its basins and its floods, the high level aquifers, the delta and saline marshes, and the mediterranean sea.
1900228_תוכנית שלד-01-01.png

blue-green urbanism

לבניות_חתך פארק.png

landscape of infrastructure

WhatsApp Image 2020-12-29 at

public demonstration for the plan.

Haifa Bay

4000 ha (100,000 residential units, 750ha open spaces)  _  2018  _  client: Haifa municipality, Israel Land Authority (ILA)  _  with Yaar Architects.

the bay

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